Welcome to my mini, legacy, portfolio site.

Feel free to look around and send me any messages at the email listed toward the bottom of the page. Thank you and Enjoy!

Note: If you are looking for my older websites, I will put links to them here (at a later time)

About Me

I’m a multimedia developer, designer, consultant, and engineer with 12+ years of experience in the fields of SaaS, education, and retail.
I specialize in building web applications, upgrading older applications, and using the latest technologies for working with javascript (nodejs, webpack, gulp, react, angular, typescript), rest-apis, and data-stores (mongodb, mysql), amongst others. I also have interests in opensource development (see my github.com), Rust, Golang, Haskell, GCP, AWS, and game development.

Below you'll find a portfolio of some of my "older" works (haven't had time to aggregate snapshots of all projects I've worked on) available for review.


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